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SD International Establishment

SD International is founded by Mike Zhang in March and based in Shanghai. The company's initial private brand, DHT is introduced for bias and agricultural tyre market sectors.


SD International Introduces PACE Brand

SD International introduces its first private brand in the car and radial truck market with the introduction of the Pace brand which is manufactured by Cooper Chengshan and offers over 100 sizes.


An additional private brand – Zeta

An additional private brand – Zeta is launched to strengthen SD International's position in the PCR and TBR sectors.


Buenos Aires opened a Sales Office

An additional private brand – Zeta is launched to strengthen SD International's position in the PCR and TBR sectors.


Establishment of a Sales Office in Dubai

Annual sales revenue increases to $76 million and another sales office is opened in Dubai. The company also becomes one of the first Chinese tyre producers to join ITMA in Europe, thereby endorsing their intention to be fully conversant and compliant with all new and future legislation introduced in the EU.


Establishment of sales offices in North America

The growth momentum continues with a new sales office established in North America.


India has opened a Sales Office

Another PCR range under the Toledo brand name is introduced to satisfy ever growing demand from its customers. A further sales office is opened in India to cater for increasing demand in south east Asia. Sales top the $150m milestone for the first time.


Introducing a New Zeta Series

SD International initiates plans to introduce its first non-Chinese manufactured range. In conjunction with Sentury Tyres an agreement is reached to introduce a new Zeta range to be manufactured in its new Thailand factory. The company also opens its first logistics centre in Germany, to service mainland Europe, with a view to introducing other logistics centres in certain other markets.


Sales continue to grow



Zeta-pcr in the US Market

Zeta PCR produced in Thailand and launched into USA market.
In 18 years All the development process is clear, at a glance.

Established in 2001 with headquarters in Shanghai, SD International has progressively developed a growing reputation.