SD-International Made a Big Hit at the Tyrexpo Asia 2023 Singapore!


From March 8th to 10th, 2023, Tyrexpo Asia 2023 took place at the prestigious Singapore Expo. SD-International wowed visitors with its top-of-the-line tyre products, drawing in crowds from far and wide.


Mike Zhang, the Chairman of SD-International, kicked off the opening ceremony by cutting the ribbon (first from the left).

The three major tyre brands of SD-International, ZETA, PACE, and TOLEDO, were all on display at the event. The showcased products spanned high-performance, ultra-high-performance, off-road, snow, all-season, long and regional-haul tyres. This impressive range catered to the diverse needs of various industries and users, making SD-International the talk of the town.



Of particular interest were the regional-haul Z-LINE and Z-CROSS tyres. These tyres combined low rolling resistance, anti-skid, strong traction, and wear resistance to meet the Southeast Asian market's requirements. The ultra-high-performance ALVENTI and IMPERO tyres, equipped with two core technologies, multiple frequency conversion mute technology, and new soft tread formula, were also hot-selling products, creating a quiet and comfortable driving experience for users.

SD-International secured numerous collaboration intentions at the event, bolstering the brand influence of the three major brands of ZETA, PACE, and TOLEDO. This successful outing lays a solid foundation for SD-International to expand its tyre market in Southeast Asia, working with more exceptional partners to provide high-quality tyre products and services for global users.