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SD International has progressively evolved into a leading player in the international tyre market. Managing Director ¨C Mike Zhang has over 30 years experience within the industry having formerly worked with well known producer ¨C Double Coin. At the same time, Sales and Marketing Director ¨C Peter Nicholls has in excess of 30 years experience having previously held senior positions for two of the largest European tyre wholesalers.

There are currently eight regional salesoffices, staffed by experienced executives with in depth knowledge of their localmarkets, ensuring that SD International retains an ongoing and commandingunderstanding of its customer¡¯s requirements. With manyof our sales team multi lingual, we are well prepared to handle any enquiry inany language. A professional level of customer ensures our customers specificneeds are always catered for.

Working towards an anticipated sales of 5millions units tyres by 2018, SD International are constantly looking to enhance their position as leading international Contract Tyre Manufacturers and offer a fully comprehensive customer service facility that endeavours to cover all individual demands including orders delivered directly to their premises plus a series of flexible payment terms.